Flying Tomato Olympic Snowboarder Sets Off Fire Extinguisher

FLYING TOMATO’S COLORADO RESORT FUN EXTINGUISHED: The cops were able to ketchup with the Flying Tomato and charge him with setting off a fire extinguisher:

Shaun White Flying Tomato Snowboarder

KMGH-TV in Denver shoots news from the halfpipe that Olympic snowboarder Shaun White - nicknamed “The Flying Tomato” for his long red hair - was cited for pulling the foamy prank in the Colorado resort town of Breckenridge.Police say a security camera at the Beaver Run Resort caught someone setting off an extinguisher in the game room. A witness said they saw “a white male with long red hair pulling the pin from the fire extinguisher“.

The camera also caught the same fellow “holding a pool cue and ‘playfully’ chasing a young woman around video game machines.”

Shaun White Pamela Anderson

Shaun’s clothes apparently matched those in the video, and his shoes had the same marks as the footprints left in the sprayed-out powder.White was charged with second-degree criminal tampering and ordered to appear in court on March 10.

Bogus, dude.