Flyers Pose w/Porn Star; A-Rod Bahamas-Bound

• A few Philly Flyers pose for some photos with porn star Gina Lynn.

Gina Lynn and Joffrey Lupul

• What do you do when the whole world’s on your case for lying about steroids? Head to the Bahamas with two hot chicks, that’s what!

Tyler Hansbrough may have defeated Duke four straight times, but he can’t beat the Blue Devils fans’ majestic mockery of him.

• NBA players Nene & Jason Smith get involved with a sister act.

• Clippers owner Donald Sterling is apparently not all that nice of a person.

• The Laker Girls turned down the chance to be in an SI Swimsuit shoot.

• Speaking of the sports mag, did they learn about A-Rod’s previously positive test from the former Mrs. Rodriguez?

Erin Andrews, America’s sports reporting sweetheart, shares some of her Valentine’s Day wishes & advice.

• And the winner of today’s Blackhawk down caption contest is…

Patrick Sharp Blackhawks

BPR, with this chilling taunt: I fart in your general direction!

Thanks for playing. A new contest slides your way tomorrow.