Floyd’s Catfight Video: Tipoff Scott To Be Fired?

Byron Scott was fired yesterday as coach of the New Orleans Hornets, replaced by someone named Jeff Bower, a guy with no previous head coaching experience at any level.

Tim Floyd Casino Fight

More interesting is Bower’s top assistant hire: Tim Floyd.

You remember Floyd was caught in the middle of a catfight in a crappy SoCal casino out on I-10 two weeks ago, and at the time, we were all wondering what the hell he was doing out there.

Now we know the real reason, perhaps.

We later found out that Floyd had stopped off on a drive to New Orleans, where, as ESPN’s Andy Katz reported, “Floyd moved back to his native New Orleans to reevaluate life.”

Two weeks later, Floyd was hired as the New Orleans Hornets’ top assistant coach.

What a startling coincidence.

Since Scott’s firing clearly came from an inter-front office conflict, that makes you wonder if his ouster had been underway for some time. If that’s the case, were the Hornets were looking for something, anything to get rid of the “stubborn” Scott? A slow start provided that easy out.

Was Floyd’s move merely coincidence? Don’t be naive.