Florida’s Other Lingerie FB Team Also Has Tryouts

On Tuesday, we reported on the tryouts for the Miami Caliente, one of the upstart teams of the new Lingerie Football League. In the interest of fair reporting and journalistic integrity, we really should also take a look at the Sunshine State’s other lingerie football franchise, the Tampa Breeze.

Tampa Breeze lingerie football

(Now this is a team we can get behind)

TAMPA BAY ONLINE hikes along news that over 100 women showed up outside the St. Pete Times Forum on Tuesday to try and wrangle a roster spot onto the Tampa team. And we have some action shots of the gridiron goings-on after the jump.

Tampa Breeze lingerie football

Tampa Breeze lingerie football

Tampa Breeze lingerie football

Tampa Breeze lingerie football

Looks like a fun time was had by all. However, the day was not without its difficulties. The ST. PETERSBURG TIMES follows up that the original tryouts were to be held at a different location, but were switched at the last minute. And when the follies outside the Forum were finished, the ladies who made the first cut had to take a 40-minute trip to Saddlebrook Resort in Pasco County to compete in further tryouts.

One of the hopefuls, 28-year-old Samantha Haylock, wasn’t too impressed with the whole set-up:

“I’m very disappointed. They aren’t very organized,” said Haylock. “They didn’t ask any questions. It’s all about looks.”

Well, duhhhhh. Even Lingerie Football League founder Mitchell Moraza, who was at the Tampa tryouts, admits to as much:

“I’d love to tell you it’s just skills. We are definitely looking for beauty.”

Melissa Berry Reby Sky

This isn’t the first time we covered the Tampa team. We’ve previously mentioned Melissa Berry (left), the Breeze babe who sued an ex-boyfriend for releasing nude cell phone pictures of her on the Internet. And we’ve also written about Reby Sky (right), one of the lingerie ladies who had trepidations about playing the Lingerie Bowl at a nudist resort.

So if the Breeze need a beat writer, I’m their man. Can’t wait to do the post-game locker room interviews!