Florida State Recruits Banned By Disneyworld For Being Black

MICKEY TEACHES RECRUITS A LESSON FOR BEING BLACK: The ST. PETERSBURG TIMES reports Florida State University football prospects Vincent Williams, Avis Commack, Nigel Carr and Nickolas Moody were ejected from Walt Disney World last weekend “under its anti-gang, no-loitering policy. Additionally, they were banned for life from the Disney property.

Florida State Recruits

Their crime: Hanging out at Downtown Disney - and not being white.

Excerpt: “Orange County deputy sheriffs have issued at least 48 trespass warnings at Downtown Disney during the past two weekends since the push against loitering began. Records of those cases provided to the Orlando Sentinel show that 45 of the 46 people banned from Disney for life during the past two weekends were blacks or Hispanics.

According to Disney security officials, the actual reason for the ejection and ban was “when asked, sometime after 11:30, they (four recruits) produced a movie ticket for a film that had already started sometime earlier. Security asked them to go to the movie or leave, and they failed to cooperate.

Disney World Guy

Hey, we had the same thing happen at Blades of Glory, and we didn’t get cuffed and stuffed.

The best part of the story: One of the parents of banned kids is a civil right lawyer, while another recruit is the son of a Disney manager. Perfect!