Florida Hockey Fan Flaunts Her Funbags @ Game

With dwindling attendance in some markets & no broadcast deal with ESPN, the NHL could use a little more exposure. And one feisty Florida Panthers fan is more than happy to oblige.

Florida Panthers fan exposing breasts

TOTAL PRO SPORTS slaps up news of a young lady recently rinkside at the BankAtlantic Center who happened to catch the camera’s eye. When she realized she was suddenly the focus of attention, she decided to put on a little show - and put ‘em on the glass!

Oh, sorry - I’m getting ahead of myself. First she slowly slid her finger in her mouth & around her lips. Then she rubbed her jersey-covered breasts. After a quick chat with a fellow fan next to her, she then pulled up her jersey to reveal a nice pair of bra-free boobies. And THEN she pressed said boobies onto the glass.

Here’s the scene in all its full-NSFW glory, thanks to NHL SNIPERS (via BANGIN PANGER). Or if you’re one of the few who forgot to call in sick today, TPS provides a safer-for-work remix of the perky Panthers fan in action:

I’m not saying it’s true, and I’m not trying to demean her character, but I wouldn’t be surprised if this gal wasn’t in the employ of one of the many thriving adult entertainment establishments in the South Florida area. And if she isn’t, she now has a great resume reel to show off.