Congressman To Blow Off Obama For BCS Biggie?

Florida Congressman Cliff Stearns has a big problem. The representative of the Gainsville district is, appropriately, a die-hard Florida fan who is desperate to watch Thursday night’s BCS Championship Game between his beloved Gators and Oklahoma. Like most people, he usually would be able to … except that his job is getting in the way: Congress is certifying the results of the Electoral College’s official vote on the presidential election right about the time the game kicks off in Miami.

cliff stearns
(Not pictured: Stearns’ “I Heart Tebow” t-shirt)

According to the ASSOCIATED PRESS, via THE SPORTING BLOG, Stearns has come up with a solution: Just delay the vote for everyone! Stears has officially sent a letter to Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi requesting a night recess and rescheduling of the vote to allow members to , “attend this historic game.” Here’s your spoiler alert: Stearns was the only congressman to sign the petition.

That’s right folks, Cliff Stearns thinks that college football is more important than certifying the leader of the free world … after arguably as significant election as this country has ever had … in the middle of a massive recession. Take note Barack Obama: This is the man that the state of Florida trusts with defining its priorities?

Look, we can hardly blame the guy for wanting to watch Tim Tebow, particularly if the stories about the Florida quarterback filing for the NFL Draft are true. And, considering the diplomatic necessity of kissing up to everything University of Florida when you’re the Gainesville representative, it’s not even surprising that you’d lobby to get a night off to watch the Gators, on any other night.

But when you work for the U.S. Government, and the government puts you in charge of — arguably — its most important task, and that particular task has added metaphorical value because of prior American atrocities that were committed in places just like Florida, it probably behooves one to suck it up and miss the game.

Now Stearns is stuck with a real dilemma: Does he abandon the team that rules his district, and whose popularity will never be higher than it will hit if the Gators win a second national title in three years? Or does he blow off the certification process, which might just get him booted from Congress.

Not that it would matter. Blowing off Congress to take in a Gators championship is probably just the kind of message the good folks of the Ocala distruct want. He’d almost certainly just get elected again.