Florida Celebrates Tebow Heisman Win With Generic T-Shirt

SHIRT WON’T NAME NAMES FOR FLORIDA QB HEISMAN WIN: DEADSPIN can’t find a better way to honor the Heisman achievements of Tim Tebow than with this congratulatory generic t-shirt:

Generic Heisman Florida shirt

Yes, hats off to “Florida Quarterback” for his award-winning triumph. He had quite the competition from “Arkansas Running Back” and “Hawaii Quarterback”, not to mention memorable “Missouri Quarterback”.Of course, Tebow can’t have his name or likeness on the apparel. Timmy’s an amateur athlete, and it’s against NCAA rules for their athletes to receive any personal financial windfalls from merchandising or licensing.

Tim Tebow #15 jersey

Meanwhile, there’s still plenty of generic #15 jerseys for sale at the Gators Sports Shop. Only $60 each!If consumers of the commemorative t-shirt don’t feel right about dissing Timmy, they can always grab some tape and a marker, and add their own Tebow title to the back.

Sean Glennon Georgia Tech jersey

Just like Virginia Tech’s Sean Glennon.