Jeff Tedford Is Somehow Responsible For This

The TALLAHASSEE DEMOCRAT reports a Florida A&M freshman QB is in hot water over an attack hoax that turned out to be his own creation. Police say on-field gunslinger Michael Johnson “lied about being attacked at gunpoint by three masked men in his dorm room.”

Michael Johnson Florida A&M Liar

Those involved with this case are still trying to figure out why Johnson would write “Mike + football = death” on his mirror, television and refrigerator.” Police and school officials were not impressed by the frosh’s creation since NIU and Virginia Tech are fresh in the minds of college students.

Johnson, who transferred from Tulsa, had not even been practicing with the A&M team due to a foot injury. It seems that the extra time away from the playbook could have given him the chance to create this plot.

Police are having a tough time figuring out the 19-year-old. “We’re still in the process of getting him to state his reason for doing this,” (A&M Police Chief) Calvin Ross said. “His mental state is going to be determined when we hear what his reason was.”

If the police want to get some insight in Johnson’s mental state, we have just the fellow from them to get in contact with.