Flash: Anon Cheap Shots Only Come From Blogs!

We’re so glad Barry Jackson of the MIAMI HERALD is around to police us irresponsible, no-accountability blogger-types. Following up on his piece about the unwashed masses typing on the internet, Jackson gave us a glimpse of his own accountability yesterday in a note about the Miami Heat’s reaction to Shaq’s recent critical comments about his former club.

Mysterious Heat People

(DEEP COVER, SHHH! Those maddeningly mysterious “Heat People”?!)

Among words used by Heat people to describe Shaquille O’Neal, who lashed out at the team last week: ”a phony,” a ”big baby” and unprintable expletives. Although O’Neal has taken shots at the medical staff for treatment of his injuries, there was sentiment among players before Shaq’s departure that he was mailing it in. And although O’Neal took a shot at Ricky Davis, the irony is that he advocated the deal that brought Davis and Mark Blount here for Antoine Walker, a Heat official said.

We’d like to follow up on those comments, but for some reason we can’t find “Heat people” and/or “Heat official” in the local white pages.

Thank goodness for journalists like Jackson, who make up report endlessly entertaining, adequately sourced news about our favorite team. Unlike your garden-variety blogger, who, while nude, spends all his time taking easy, anonymous cheap shots at sports subjects.

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