Fla Gators Football Star Dunlap Arrested For DUI

The ORLANDO SENTINEL with some crushing news for the Florida Gator football team this morning, reporting:

Carlos Dunlap Florida Gator Gets DUI

Florida defensive end Carlos Dunlap was arrested at around 3:30 a.m. for driving under the influence after falling asleep at the wheel. Police found Dunlap, 20 slumped over in his 2000 Chrysler at a complete stop through multiple green-light traffic cycle. Officers reached into the car to turn off the ignition while the clutch was still in gear and finally awoke a “very groggy” Dunlap, the report states.

Dunlap’s condition included, “bloodshot eyes, difficulty conveying basic information and the smell of alcohol on his breath.

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So what was Dunlap doing out at that time of night on a Monday?

Dunlap told officers he was “at a gathering and headed home,” according to the report.

Dunlap was arrested and eventually booked at 5:52 a.m. after refusing to submit a breath test, according to the report. Gainesville Police spokesman Keith Kameg said Dunlap was “very compliant” with the officers and had trouble keeping his balance during general sobriety tests.

In a statement from team spokesman Steve McClain, the Gators are “aware of the incident and are currently gathering more information.”

Dunlap, who faces his first DUI charge, was released without bond this morning after a meeting with a county judge.

Couldn’t be worse timing for the Gators football team and their star defensive end, who will likely be a first-round pick in the next NFL draft.

The best way to judge if Urban Meyer will sit Dunlap for Saturday’s big game against Alabama is to ask yourself, would you bet on it?