Fla. Group Fighting For HS Cheerleaders’ Rights

A couple days ago, Floridian disaster was narrowly averted when Florida International University announced that their cherished cheerleading squad would be spared the budgetary axe. It was a victory for sports fans, Florida International University fans if such people exist, and fans of cheerleading (and cheerleaders). Heck, as far as we’re concerned (sports and girls…perhaps you’ve noticed, but that’s kind of our thing) it was a victory for all mankind.

FIU cheerleaders bikini car wash

(Protesting cheerleaders. The picture is actually relevant, we swear!)

But now, perhaps emboldened by the FIU cheerleaders’ triumph, a Florida-based gender equity group is attempting to get cheerleading classified as a fully-sanctioned high school sport. Note to Florida-based gender equity group: don’t push it.

A bunch of parents and cheerleading boosters/coaches calling themselves the “Florida Parents for Athletic Equity”are protesting budget cuts and calling for cheerleading to be on the same level, recognition-wise as football. Details from TCPALM.COM:

“Every year it’s getting a little bit better, but the way that they run it and the places they have it don’t compare to a state competition that’s run by just a regular cheerleading organization,” Indian Rocks Christian coach Christina Bohler said. “In their defense, they don’t really know what they’re doing. … I’m excited that we have it, but it has to grow. They have to learn how to run it the way you would run state for football or basketball.”

Cheerleading. Run the same as football or basketball. Riiiight. Look folks, it’s great that your kids are competitive in cheerleading. It’s a good workout, and hopefully fun for the kids involved. But that doesn’t make it a sport. The entire point of cheerleading is to cheer on athletes playing real sports. It’s in the name, even.

Only in 21st-century America, in our politically correct society full of overbearing parents, could something like this happen. If you want your kids to be able to compete in sports, put your kid IN SPORTS. When we were in high school, we often competed to see who could score the most beers from our parents’ fridge, but you didn’t see us petitioning the state to get that added to the list of sanctioned sports. Give it a rest, parents, and just let your kids have fun for once.