Sports Radio Host Sentenced To 5 Years For Fraud

We know that people don’t really come to SbB for the public service announcements, and that’s all right. We get it. If people wanted to be lectured to about sports all day long, Outside The Lines would have massive ratings and be not tedious at all. All that said, though, we have to make one thing totally clear to our readers: Never commit monetary fraud. Ever. It’s a cinch to prove and prosecute, it carries unholy federal penalties, and it’s the sort of thing potential employers just might raise an eyebrow over.

Scott McKinney

(The friendliest money stealer in all of Florida!)

Sadly, our advice comes too late for Scott McKinney, former host of SOUTHERN SPORTS TONIGHT, a sports radio show in Memphis. You may recall that he was busted for selling more than 100% of the shares to his show, then using the extra cash on himself, which apparently you can’t do. (Legally, anyway.) Well, it’s time for the sentencing, and the judge was extraordinarily unimpressed with McKinney’s shenanigans, giving him the maximum allowable sentence for the charges he copped to in the plea deal. Grease your ass, McKinney, because according to┬áTHE CLARION-LEDGER, it’s about to get rough:

Booneville native Scott McKinney was sentenced to five years in a Florida state prison Tuesday for defrauding investors in his Southern Sports Tonight radio program.

McKinney also will serve 50 years on probation and pay restitution of $188,508.

5 years of prison is bad enough, but 50 freaking years of probation! Were they worried that he was going to get the itch to defraud again on his 78th birthday or something?

Also, make note of the oddly specific amount of money McKinney’s supposed to pay back. You know how they arrived at that number? By checking bank records because banks keep track of this stuff and when you commit fraud you leave a giant honking paper trail so do not commit fraud unless you are actually wanting to get your crack caulked by a convict. Sorry, I got carried away.

Oh, and that probation may not hold up for very long; according to the Clarion-Ledger, there’s more allegations of similar fraud coming down:

Last summer, three men - two from Mississippi and one from Nashville - told The Clarion-Ledger McKinney had bilked them out of $140,000 in a scam similar to one he was later arrested for in Florida.

Yes, okay, that’s very very bad and McKinney will probably never hold a real job again. But look at that winsome smile! That’s got to count for something, right? Wait, what’s that? It counts for absolutely nothing? Well… damn. Sorry, Scott.