FISH RAP: The CHICAGO TRIBUNE ran a correctio…

FISH RAP: The CHICAGO TRIBUNE ran a correction today concerning former Marlins Owner Wayne Huizenga. Huizenga was earlier identified by the paper as rooting for the Cubs against the Marlins in the NLCS. Excerpt: "A Tribune reporter inaccurately identified a Cubs supporter who greeted friends behind the third base dugout at Wrigley Field as (Huizenga). … In fact, Huizenga was not at Tuesday’s game."
In a statement issued yesterday, Huizenga said, " Let me be perfectly clear. I am a Marlins fan. I will always be a Marlins fan, and I want them to beat the Cubs and go on and win the World Series."


SPORTS BUSINESS DAILY reports last Thursday’s episode of CBS’ "Survivor" featured former NFL quarterback Gary Hogeboom "again denying to other contestants that he played in the NFL."

Contestant Amy O’Hara on-camera: "Watch him be retired and he’s like a multi-millionaire. I’ll kill him. I’ll freakin’ kill him."
Another contestant, Danni Boatwright: "I thought Gary was going to die when he looked at me because I called him out right away on the whole quarterback thing."
Hogeboom later in the show: "I’m not going to blow my strategy."
More interestingly, Boatwright is a former "Miss Teen Kansas" - and you can certainly see why:

Boatwright has the consummate Survivor contestant bio: A jumbled, trumped-up bunch of nothingness.
CBS claims her current occupation is as "sports radio talk show". But her only credit in the business was as the host of something called "Weekend Wrap" at KCSP-AM in Kansas City (why not the "unwrap?!").
Of course, there is no mention of her or the show on the KCSP-AM website. She’s also currently living in *shudder* Tonganoxie, KS. Or as it’s referred to by the low-paid, beat-down CBS web guys, "Tonganozie."
Since, as CBS again claims, she "has traveled around the world as an international model," perhaps Tonganozie is the newest Central Asian Republic.B>