First Fatality In 15 Years At Running Of The Bulls

Because we occasionally need a reminder that 1,000-pound animals running amongst drunken revelers on cobblestone surfaces is not the world’s smartest idea, there’s news that a man was gored to death on Day 4 of Pamplona, Spain’s infamous Running of the Bulls. It was the first death at the annual Festival of Gratuitous Mayhem since 1995 (22-year-old American Matthew Tassio), and nine other people were also injured — one, a 61-year-old man, who suffered internal bleeding. This after the first three days of the Festival of San Fermin in which runners escaped virtually unscathed.

According to the festival web site, a “rogue bull” separated from the pack and began charging people (video below); which never makes for a fun afternoon. The man who was killed was Spaniard Daniel Jimeno Romero, 27, who was gored in the neck and lung. Paramedics were on the scene immediately but were unable to revive him.

Romero was gored by a brown, 1,130-pound bull named Cappuchino, puncturing his aorta, according to BULLRUNNING.COM. The site also has a pretty remarkable slide show.


Among the injured was a 61-year-old American who was struck in the chest and had internal bleeding in his lungs. Doctors said he was in intensive care but that his condition was not considered life-threatening. The man was identified by his initials, E.P.S., but his full name was not released.

Also injured in the run was a 20-year-old from London, and a 24-year-old Argentine. Another American, a 63-year-old identified by the initials K.L., injured an elbow.

The festival ends Tuesday, and there was no indication that the remaining bull runs would be canceled because of the death.

The last fatal goring at the running of the bulls was that of 22-year-old American Matthew Tassio in 1995. In 2003, a 63-year-old Spanish man, Fermin Etxeberri, was trampled in the head by a bull and died after spending months in a coma.

Friday’s death raises to 15 the toll since record-keeping began in 1924.