Fired Coach Suddenly Takes Interest In Equality

It’s hardly a controversial stand to say that we at SPORTSbyBROOKS do not in any way support prejudice or discrimination on the basis of gender, race, creed, or what-have-you, but we’ll say it anyway. While many college sports fans dislike Title IX for requiring equal scholarships and opportunities for women’s sports, we’ve generally been supportive - yes, it sucks that men’s water polo suffers at the hands of women’s field hockey, but men had it pretty good for thousands of years; the loss of a couple non-revenue sports isn’t the end of the world.

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But unfortunately, Title IX also gives our already litigious society just that many more opportunities to exercise their lawsuit-happy ways. It’s the gender version of the race card, and a high school coach in Indiana has decided to throw it in a big, stupid way.

Former (and we’ll get to that) Franklin County high school girls basketball coach Amber Parker smells blood in the Title IX waters of her former employer and is going in for the payday social justice, according to the PAL-ITEM.COM, which is not a website devoted to friend accessories but is in fact the website of the local newspaper in Richmond, Indiana:

Is it discrimination to schedule boys basketball games on weekend nights and make girls play half of their games on school nights?

A federal civil rights lawsuit filed this summer by former Franklin County High School girls basketball coach Amber Parker might decide that issue.


“I feel strongly that the girls suffer a huge disadvantage by playing mostly weeknights,” Parker said in the statement. “There’s the obvious issue of not being able to draw the same size crowds as the boys can having weekend nights, but the biggest injustice comes academically,” Parker said, referring to the playing games on school nights when homework is due the next day.

That’s right, folks - the fact that girls basketball is played in front of a smaller crowd than boys basketball is discrimination. And the fact that girls play on weeknights is also discrimination. No word on whether the boys’ wrestling, track and field, baseball, or soccer teams will be joining the stupid, stupid lawsuit as plaintiffs, considering THEY ALSO PLAY ON WEEKNIGHTS. It’s morons like this that give civil rights opponents ammunition.

It’s also interesting that Parker never seemed to have a problem with the basketball team play weeknights as long as she was the one getting paid to coach them. She was recently informed that she would not be brought back to coach the team this season, and suddenly — blammo, discrimination! Funny how that works, isn’t it? Can we sue this lady for gender dumbassery? Is that part of Title IX, too?