Blog-O-Rama: What’s To Do Now?

• FIREISIAH.COM has a special message for its faithful visitors:

FireIsiahCom message

• Ever wonder what fried turkey testicles would look like on your dinner plate? Darren Rovell of CNBC is happy to oblige.

• CHRIS OLDS’ SPORTS STUFF finds Danica Patrick’s marketing machine celebrating her first win by offering a commemorative t-shirt, watch, & autographed copies of SPORTS ILLUSTRATED.

• DETROIT BAD BOYS jogs over news that Rip Hamilton wants to race the Pistons’ trainer.

• Speaking of running, NORTHWEST ARKANSAS TIMES reports that track coach John McDonnell - the coach with the most NCAA championships in any sport - will hang up his cleats at the end of the season.

• MARKETING CHARTS reveals that AOL FANHOUSE is one of the top 10 Nielsen blogs.

• TUESDAYS WITH RUSSAKOFF thinks the way the Phillies handled Jimmy Rollins’ ankle sprain makes them sick.

• PR NEWSWIRE slams down news that TNA wrestling is giving its best effort to “Cross The Line“.

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