Finally We Can Post About A Different Falcons QB!

Well not really. But Falcons QB D.J. Shockley’s Dad is at least keeping us entertained (and Michael Vick-free) with his slap-happy antics at an Atlanta High School.

DJ Shockley

(Poor Fella)

The ATLANTA JOURNAL CONSTITUTION gets us up to speed: “North Clayton football coach Donald Shockley, the father of Falcons quarterback D.J. Shockley, has resigned after a school board investigation found he kept photos of an assistant principal in lingerie and sexually suggestive poses on a school computer.

A student was working on Shockley’s computer at school when he discovered the photos, taken by Shockley. The student then downloaded the pics to his iPod and showed them to fellow students. He also, OF COURSE, uploaded them onto the internet (no, we haven’t looked. gross.)

Coach Shockley has since resigned, as has the assistant principal, a woman named Josette Franklin.

The elder Shockley had two previous reprimands from the school. In 2004 he “received a letter of caution for inappropriate contact with a female student during a fitness class,” and in 2003 he was “reprimanded for a series of e-mails to another female co-worker after Clayton County police responded to an alleged assault at the high school on Shockley and the co-worker by the co-worker’s husband.

Based on the crazy behavior of Coach Shockley, we find the timing of his resignation impeccable. Don’t the Falcons currently have an opening at head coach?