Finally! Relief For All That Money You Don’t Need

$5,600 buried under the service porch and don’t know what in tarnation to do with it? You’re in luck, kind sir! A Knoxville ESPN Radio host’s website is currently soliciting donations for a new billboard to be put up in Los Angeles that mocks former Tennessee escapee football coach Lane Kiffin.

Lane Kiffin Los Angeles Billboard donation

First off, I talked to the billboard guy in LA yesterday. The first company I talked to was owned by an SC fan who said “no way jose” The second company gave me the go ahead. The final quote was for $5,600 for 1 month in August. Here is the design again and I will keep you updated on the total we have collected.

But wait, there’s more!

With your mid-four figure investment, you also get some exclusive Tennessee football news in the same blog post that I’m sure current Vols Coach Derek Dooley is sure to affirm any minute now:

Here is what I was told over the weekend. This is as good of source as you can get. Dooley and the current staff have been in contact with several SC players who are eligible to transfer without penalty. In fact, they had some come visit this weekend. Laney did not like this. Throughout the past week, Monte, Lane and Ape man have been furious and have confronted several current coaches via text, phone call and voice mail.

The current staff has not backed down and is actually amused at how mad Lane is getting especially when he tells them things like “I gave you your start” and “this is unethical”

Now this doesn’t mean the vols will land one single SC player, but making Lane furious is enough for me.

Never mind those flood victims in Nashville, with Neyland Stadium already sold out for this upcoming season, I can’t think of a better way for a Vols fan to drop $5,600.