Finally! Pat Forde-Pitino Conflict Of Interest Noted

Earlier today Rick Pitino gave us another window into his deep-seated psychosis with an emotional, rambling response to the media coverage of his extra-marital affair and the abortion he provided Karen Sypher. Pitino bizarrely lashed out at the Louisville media for having the gall to report on and release tapes of Sypher’s testimony that were PROVIDED THEM BY POLICE. If Pitino was to be upset with an organization, it should’ve been local law enforcement. But lest you forget, every day is opposite day in Rick Pitino’s tornado of self-delusion.

Rick Pitino Pat Forde Karen Sypher

(Last time I post this, PROMISE)

Almost as bizarre as Pitino’s behavior has been ESPN’s coverage of the situation. Like the entire media, Bristol barely covered the case brought by the FBI early this year until the LOUISVILLE COURIER-JOURNAL went public with Pitino’s extra-marital affair and abortion story.

ESPN’s Pat Forde, who lives in Louisville and co-authored a book with Pitino, has been Bristol’s point man for the net’s coverage. Early on, Forde failed to report Pitino’s indiscretions with Sypher, instead focusing on smearing her character. And even after Pitino’s ugly behavior became public thanks to reporting from a non-ESPN outlet, Forde continued to concentrate his comments about the case on Sypher’s conduct. (Albeit questionable, grant you that.)

It’s safe to assume that Forde has benefited financially from his relationship with Pitino, so at the very least you would expect ESPN and/or Forde to note the nature of his relationship to the coach before all that reportage, right?

Wrong … until today.

During a phoner about Pitino’s rant today to ESPN SportsCenter anchor Steve Levy, Forde was introduced as “having co-authored a book with Rick Pitino”.

Now I can die in peace.

From the outset, Forde should’ve either outed himself about the relationship or recused himself from the story. But neither happened until the meat of the story had been already been ingested. Better late than never, I suppose.

Back to Pitino. The more he becomes unhinged, referencing 9/11 and Ted Kennedy in his defense, the more you start to wonder if he is really worried about his upcoming trial. One of the best, truly in-the-know college basketball analysts recently told me that he thought Pitino was trying to avoid the trial from happening altogether. And that if the trial did go off, Pitino might end up losing his job if more sordid details of his personal life leaked out.

I’m not so sure about that, as I don’t think the Feds would’ve taken the case if they thought there was a chance they would lose. And I do indeed think there’s still a chance the case may not go to trial, as you would think inconsistencies in Sypher’s testimony would scare any right-thinking lawyer away.

But if Pitino wants the trial to either go away or happen fast, you wouldn’t know it from today. Not that I’m complaining … keep talking Ricky!