Finally: MJ’s Secret To Scoring All That Tip Money

Darren Rovell has an hour-long primetime special on CNBC tonight about all things Nike.

Old Nike Shoes

The good news for Rovell: For the documentary-style production, Rovell got to interview a sunglassed Phil Knight, Michael Jordan, Lebron James, Tiger Woods, and Charles Barkley.

The bad news for Rovell: He spent a considerable amount of time examining Nike’s business practices in Vietnam, where the company is the country’s single largest employer (we’re guessing Rovell next spent a considerable amount of time being examined by his friendly gastroenterologist after enduring local fare).

Here’s a trailer for the show:

To get that kind of access, you have to believe that Nike wasn’t expecting an ambush from seasoned sports business reporter Rovell. And the CNBCer does deliver a glowing report on the company, so it might be a good idea to lace up a little NKE on your eTrade account before the program airs tonight at 10pm ET.