Thunderstorms Strike Out Final Hall of Fame Game

A long-time baseball tradition has come to a stormy end, as bad weather forced the cancellation of the final MLB Hall of Fame Game.

MLB Hall of Fame Game canceled wet program

Today’s contest between the Cubs & the Padres was to be the last game played in Cooperstown, NY, as MLB officials decided last January to discontinue the annual exhibition at the home of the Baseball Hall of Fame. But the ASSOCIATED PRESS reports that heavy rains & thunderstorms washed out what was to be the end of a 69-year-old tradition.

Almost 10,000 fans showed up at Doubleday Stadium for the last hurrah. But the crowd was told of the cancellation shortly after observing a moment of silence for Tim Russert, the NBC political host & Hall of Fame board member who died suddenly last Friday.

MLB says ticket holders are entitled to full refunds. Or maybe they can get more by putting their unused stubs up on eBay.

So, is this really the end of the Hall of Fame Game? Not if one determined fan can help it:

Cooperstown native Kristian Connolly drew the loudest cheers from the crowd along the parade route. Connolly was helping tote a giant banner emblazoned with, the Web site he created to spur a grassroots effort to convince Major League Baseball to reconsider.

“It’s a great day for baseball, a great day for Cooperstown,” Connolly said with a big smile. “I’m absolutely optimistic.”

Good luck getting the game back into town. Because if there’s one thing that big business listens to, it’s online petitions.