Final Event At Old Yankee Stadium An NHL Game?

The NEW YORK DAILY NEWS reports that momentum is building for an NHL game to be played at Yankee Stadium next winter, which would likely be the final event held at the ballpark before the Yanks move across the street to their new digs in 2009.

Yankee Stadium As Hockey Rink

All indications are that the Yankees are intrigued by the idea, no doubt spurred on by the big success in Buffalo on New Year’s Day, and have reportedly met with NHL officials about the possibility.

But now the question is, which two of the three New York-area teams would play in the game?

The Rangers being part of the event are a given, and team GM Glen Sather confirms their interest to the D-N by saying, “We’d love to do it.”

The New York Islanders are probably a better fit as the Rangers’ opponent, considering the Devils play in New Jersey. But the Isles are taking nothing for granted, as the team has sent “front-office delegations to meet with (Yankees COO Lonn) Trost and Yankee Stadium personnel no fewer than half-a-dozen times over the last 18 months.

But the Isles are fearful that the Devils, who currently have more juice at the league level, will muscle in on the event. However, Devils sources insist they have not pursued this.

The outdoor game concept is also spreading outside the Empire State, as seven other NHL teams have contacted the league office about staging such an event, including the Bruins, who would likely stage their game in Fenway Park.

We think the Boston idea is the best of the bunch. Especially considering that’s the most likely scenario that would see Ted Williams return to The Bean for one last Zamboni victory lap.