Figure Skater Had The Time Of Her Life In Prison

Nicole Bobek apparently made the most of her short New Jersey prison stay last week, after she was swept up in a statewide meth bust. After just three days in jail, she seems to have been the most popular girl on campus.

Nicole Bobek

Bobek made friends out of everyone at the Hudson County Correctional Center over the July 4th weekend, leading exercise classes and making tube tops for her fellow inmates. I bet they’re all glad meth is so addictive, so Nicole could be back soon!

Bobek is out on bail now after being labeled a “major player” in the methamphetamine ring, but she made lifelong friends in jail. Said one prisoner:

“(Bobek) was happy, smiling, giggling, but she was upset she was here,” said Williams. “You could tell she didn’t belong here. Some people are revolving doors and you can tell. She was classy. We told her everybody makes mistakes, you just have to learn from them.”

Bobek led workout classes for her fellow inmates, and even put together souvenirs for her friends.

“She was very smart and she fit in with everyone, but she seemed a little scared,” said Sierra. “She would always like to be alone and she always asked me for a lollipop.”

Sierra was one of a handful of inmates that did sit-ups and pushups with Bobek, who made tube tops for the inmates out of T-shirts.

Arts and crafts? Activities? Memories that will last a lifetime? Are we sure New Jersey didn’t just sentence Bobek to summer camp?