Fighting Dogs Owner David Tant Serving 40 Years As Vick Only Looking At 18 Months

THANK GOD VICK ISN’T FAT, WHITE AND BEARD-IMPAIRED: In the grisly aftermath of what was Michael Vick’s dog fighting operation, we’re now all debating the prison sentence he will soon receive.

Dog Fan Gold Teeth

The Feds have accounted for 66 live dogs on Vick’s property, along with eight executed canines. And of course, the federal indictment of Vick noted all the insidious tools of a dog fighting operation on his property - along with his personal methods of torture when murdering the animals.

Meanwhile, THE EXTRA POINT reports that back in 2004 in South Carolina, “56 year old North Charleston resident David Tant was arrested and is facing 68 charges ranging from animal fighting to assault and battery with intent to kill after authorities found 47 dogs, caged treadmills and armed booby traps at his property.

David Tant

Sound familiar? But while Vick faces 12 months, Tant is now doing 40 years (emailers point out it’s 30 years) of hard time in a state pokey. Guess it doesn’t pay to be a fat white guy (with bad facial hair) who doesn’t play quarterback in the NFL.