Fielder, Parra Brawl In Brewers Dugout Brouhaha

Do you remember the other professional team that plays in Wisconsin? The one that doesn’t have Brett Favre? The team that was tied for the NL Central lead with the Cubs on July 26 before getting swept? Is any of this ringing a bell?

Prince Fielder Brewers fight

Well, the Brewers found a way to get some attention last night, even if it was for all the wrong reasons. On their way to a 6-3 loss to the Reds on Monday night, pitcher Manny Parra and first baseman Prince Fielder got into a shoving match in the dugout. And by “shoving match”, I mean “mauling”.

(Video after the jump.)

Yikes. THE MILWAUKEE JOURNAL SENTINEL reports the fight started when Fielder took exception to Parra preparing to head to the clubhouse after being pulled from the game. And he let him know:

“We stayed out there and watched your (bleep). You can stay out here and watch our (bleep).”

Surprisingly, the fight was not because Parra is an Aaron Rodgers man while Fielder supports Favre, much to ESPN’s dismay. If so, that would have meant at least another 10 minutes of Favre coverage on SportsCenter.