Fielder Does A Little Trash Talking: “I’m Garbage”

While everyone is bemoaning or bemused by the Cubs’ inevitable playoff collapse for literally the 100th time, another NL Central club with its own postseason drought is about to be swept out of the park. After waiting 26 years, the Milwaukee Brewers are poised to watch their October hopes fall flat like a Miller Genuine Draft left out on the porch for three days.

Prince Fielder breaks bat

So, who’s the scapegoat? Surprisingly, Prince Fielder is putting the blame on himself, describing his pitiful performance with a little trash talk.

Tom Haudricourt of the MILWAUKEE JOURNAL SENTINEL caught up with Fielder after Thursday’s Game 2 loss to the Phillies. And Prince pouted about how he’s royally screwing up:

“Right now I’m just kind of garbage but hopefully I can make it up.”

A case of ‘you are what you eat‘? But we thought Prince was a vegetarian.

However, Haudricourt counters that Fielder shouldn’t be beating himself up. (Beating up teammates, though - that’s another story.) It’s not as if the rest of the Brew Crew are pulling their weight:

The Brewers hit .115 as a team and scored three runs in losing the first two games to Philly, putting them in must-win situations for the rest of the series.

Mike Cameron is 0 for 7. Jason Kendall is 0 for 6. Corey Hart is 1 for 7. J.J. Hardy is 1 for 6. Craig Counsell is 1 for 6.

Could it be possible that the Cubbies left behind some of their cursed karma when they made their Hurricane Ike-inspired detour to Miller Park last month?

But Prince is keeping positive, hoping a little home cooking can get the Brewers sizzling again:

“I think we’re better than we’re playing but things aren’t going our way,” said Fielder. “We can’t get a hit when we really need it. We can’t get anything going. Hopefully, we can get it going at our place.

“We’ve been in every game. We just can’t get that big hit when we need it. It’s not really deflating. It’s just unfortunate.

“Their pitchers have pitched well. We just weren’t able to get the mistakes, that’s all. It’s not over yet. You’ve got to at least have confidence until it’s over.”

On the plus side, if the Brewers do bow out on Saturday, at least Corey Hart’s little girl won’t have to endure another traumatic beer bath.