Female Tennis Pro Questioned on “Female” Part

Sarah Gronert would like to play tennis professionally, perhaps make a little money on the WTA Tour. In fact, she’s played nine tournaments in the last three years and won twice. The young German would seem to have the ability to stick.

Sarah Gronert

Unfortunately, she’s only played in those nine tournaments because she’s been surrounded by the controversy of purity because she was born with both genitalia.

She’s since had the male portion excised, but some don’t buy that she’s fully female now.  The 22-year-old had to prove her “worth” to a WTA special committee and still faces doubts and cruelty at each turn.

For example, a competitor’s coach (who would have no vested interest at all in removing a more talented player from the rolls) claimed, “This can not be. This is not a woman; it’s a man. She does not have the power of a woman and no woman has such a technique.”

Every sports league is left to fend for itself on the definition of gender; even the IOC shaves the difference at a slightly unique angle. As this article points out, though, certain conditions have seemed to assist other international athletes, regardless of the assigned gender. Yet those athletes participated in their sports and the world did not cease spinning on its axis.

Sarah Gronert

Mostly, though, this point: when someone tells you that they wish to protect the purity of the game and the competition, drop whatever you’re carrying and run as hard and as long as you can in the opposite direction.  Do not look back.  Do not waver.  Leave your children behind to fend for themselves. Save yourself.

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