Female Team CEO Uses Club as Her Own Harem

A.J. Daulerio at DEADSPIN uncovers another wonderful post at UNPROFESSIONAL FOUL. Seems that the CEO of the Zimbabwe Football Association, a woman named Henrietta Rushwaya, has been using the team as her own personal harem for some time now.

Henrietta Rushwaya had sex with Benjani

Rushwaya, it is reported, forced coach Jose Claudinei Valinhos to release a few players from camp after curfew so that they could pleasure each other. One of those players should be familiar to most UF readers. It seems that Ms. Rushwaya has a special place in her heart (at the very least) for Manchester City striker Benjani.

I’m also happy to report that Rushwaya isn’t just sexing up the players.

Apparently Ms. Rushwaya has been able to keep her antics out of the media because she’s also having sex with the reporters who cover the team.

Rushwaya herself is known for being generous with her body and numerous scribes have had a go. She is a very kind boss whose generosity has won her friends especially in the media as most of her scandals are deliberately swept under the carpet.

If only Marge Schott had thought to do the same thing, Pete Rose might’ve had a bust in Cooperstown by now.

OK, maybe not.