Female Fencer Says Loss Like ‘A Kick In The Nuts’

The Beijing Olympics are in the books, medals have been won, careers have been made, and sex has been had. All in all, a good time for everybody. Well, except for Canadian fencer Sherraine Schalm, who lost an epic battle to Hungary’s Ildiko Mincza-Nebald on Aug. 13.

Sherraine Schalm

Hardly earth-shattering news at this point, some two weeks later, but while Schalm went home medal-less, she should’ve been given some type of award for her post-match comments, which were quite possibly the highlight of Canada’s Olympic experience.

“It’s like I imagine being a man. It’s like being kicked in the nuts repeatedly, that’s how bad it feels. You feel like you want to curl up and die.”

Apparently, there’s a backstory that helped spread some light on why Schalm felt like she had testicles.

Much of Schalm’s anger was directed toward her opponent. Schalm had been training for months in Hungary with Mincza-Nebald. Then, a few weeks before the Olympics, she was told to get lost.

“I trained with her for four years and she specifically requested that I not join the last training camp before the Olympics,” Schalm said. “I had nowhere to train for the last four weeks. My coach (Gabor Salamon) is very resourceful and he arranged for me to train with the (Hungarian modern) pentathletes.”

Schalm plans to compete in London in 2012, and hopefully she’ll be over the defeat by then. In preparation for the Games, I’d suggest she wear a protective cup. You know, just in case.

(via Fark)