Feds Say KJ Spent Fed Grants on Politics, Favors

If we’re ever in Sacramento… okay, we hope we’re never in Sacramento again.  The street walker we spotted in a miniskirt, open satin jacket, and bra a few blocks from the state capitol ten years ago told us that one day in Sacramento was three days too many.

Still, we have absolutely no intention of messing with current mayor Heather Fargo if we ever have to step inside the city limits of Sacramento.  She has proven without a doubt that anyone that dares throw an obstacle into her path had better be prepared to become suddenly unlucky for as long as the obstacle is in place.

Sacramento Kings dance team drinking

(We suspect this might be the classiest moment for Sacramento all year)

Kevin Johnson, former NBA player and current mayoral candidate in the charming town of Sacramento, has entered a runoff election against Fargo with more votes than her in the first round of elections.  That’s despite magically appearing allegations of underage gropeage, totally unaffiliated nasty mailings, and downright dirty fighting about supposed slumlorddom.

Now the federal government has wondrously appeared to accuse KJ of misusing AmeriCorps funds to give cash to volunteers to campaign for the local school board race, recruit kids to his academy, and washing his car (among other efforts).  Really, Fargo’s enemies just have the most unlucky times!

KJ, of course, writes this all off as “administrative errors” coming from mismanaged books.  (If you’ve ever seen the inside of a charity’s ledger, you wouldn’t doubt this as possible for a moment.)  The timing could not be better as the final election for mayor falls November 4th.

And it wouldn’t hurt the Republicans at all for a large metropolitan center’s black vote to be suppressed by disappointment in a mayoral candidate’s actions, even if it is California; every dollar drained from battleground states to keep up appearances in California helps the national slate of the opposing side.

Thankfully, though, we don’t have to worry about political appointees abusing their positions of power for petty ends, even though the gentleman that filed these abuses with his own office once referred to Massachusetts as run by the “modern-day KKK … the Kennedy-Kerry Klan.”

Seriously, we love Heather Fargo and we would never suggest anything bad about her and please please don’t tell her we’re here.  Yikes.