Federal Judge Delays Trial For BCS Title Game

A book came out this year called, “God and Football: Faith and Fanaticism in the SEC.” As an alumnus of the Univ. of Georgia, when I saw the title I thought to myself, “There’s a difference?”

Auburn Fans

(Judge, attorney are Auburn fans - pics of their daughters)

So today’s story out of Alabama from the BIRMINGHAM NEWS about a trial being delayed in favor of the Auburn national championship game is surprising only in that it’s just the first case so far that has been delayed because of the BCS date.

The case involves prominent Birmingham attorney - and Auburn fan - Michael Mulvaney. With U.S. District Judge Kristi DuBose set to kickoff a trial in which Mulvaney was to represent Hartford Insurance in a civil case in federal court in Mobile, the lawyer filed a motion Wednesday requesting that the trial scheduled for January begin on Jan. 17.

“As a life-long Auburn fan, I am asking the Court for grace and mercy to allow me to take my family (wife and 3 daughters) to the game, which is set for January 10, 2011. We have purchased non-refundable plane tickets and hotel rooms,” Mulvaney writes in his motion. “We have not yet bought tickets to the game.”

“Since the last National Championship Game for Auburn was 1957 (and I was born in 1965) it is fair to say that this is a once in a life-time opportunity,” Mulvaney wrote. “Without Cam Newton (or Nick Saban as our coach) it is hard to imagine this ever happening again.”

Included in his request to the judge Mulvaney attached two photos of his daughters wearing Auburn football jerseys.

An hour after Mulvaney’s request, Judge Dubouse, whose court is in Mobile, granted Mulvaney’s motion, ruling that the trial will not be held on Jan. 7-11.

“The Court has a unique understanding of the predicament of Hartford’s lead counsel. See Exhibit A,” she said in her order.

Exhibit A attached to the judge’s order was a photograph of a young girl in what appears to be an Auburn cheerleader outfit with a stuffed tiger sitting next to her. It is not clear who the girl is in the photograph.

Mulvaney said today from Birmingham on the Paul Finebaum radio show that he has since learned that Judge Dubose is an Auburn fan and the photo in “Exhibit A” was of the judge’s daughter.

Mulvaney: “Judge DuBose was incredibly gracious and incredibly cool to grant our motion. But of course she is — she is an Auburn fan, what more would you need to know about her.

David McKnight, one of the attorneys representing The Mitchell Co. Inc., the other side in the civil case: “I’m an Auburn fan, so I was actually rooting for Michael on that.

The decision is not without precedent. Last year more than one Alabama court granted a trial stay due to Alabama’s appearance in the 2010 BCS Championship game against Texas.

UPDATE: Trial delay #2.