Fearless Models Will Strip For World Cup Tickets

Has it always been your dream to travel to South Africa to watch soccer? My condolences. But hey, it’s the World Cup. And if you’re from Chile, it’s something special to see your team compete on the world stage. So three enterprising Chileans have cooked up a wacky scheme to earn the dough to make the trip.

Oh, did I mention they’re models? Natalie Ortiz, Erika Romero and Cati Olivos will get naked, as many times as it takes, in order to earn money for a sojourn to see the Chilean National team play in Africa. Of course here in the U.S. you get arrested for stuff like that. But in Chile, it’s full steam ahead.

Yeah, yeah … a couple more photos after the jump.

From the world’s primary source for naked Chilean soccer news, FOOTBALL FASHION:

Under the name Team Mundial (or Team World Cup in English), the enterprising trio have embarked on a series of activities in which they will show off themselves in various states of disrobement around Chile.

Team Mundial made its public debut at La Moneda in Santiago yesterday in lingerie from local designer Sergio Salinas. They now plan to hit the local clubs and beaches.

Salinas claims that Ortiz, Romero and Olivos are friends with several players on the Chilean national team and plan to do a photo shoot with them.

It’s the kind of adventure that Lucy Ricardo would have dreamed up, if “I Love Lucy” were produced by HBO. And if Ethel Mertz was hot.

And I think that “Ortiz, Romero and Olivos are friends with several players on the Chilean national team” goes without saying, don’t you?

Your move, Reggie Jackson.