FCA Wants To Put More Jesus Into Cheerleading

Gimme a “J.” Gimme an “E.” Gimme an “S.” I think you see where this is going. The purest of athletic endeavors — cheerleading — is the latest to get the FCA treatment. To those who don’t know, the FCA is the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. And they want you to cheer for your team, but only if you’re cheering for Jesus first.

Oregon Duck cheerleaders

The FCA has added cheerleading to its roster of sports in which it now has a national ministry. Other sports include lacrosse, motocross, and golf (but not football and basketball, which are apparently sports of the devil). I know a few cheerleaders who could really use these folks right now.

FCA.ORG has a press release on the endeavor, which is led by Marilou Braswell, a former University of Georgia cheerleading coach. She hopes that all the girls wearing skimpy outfits, jumping around, and occasionally dancing suggestively are doing it all for the Lord, and not for the opportunity to get some quality time with the team’s quarterback:

“We want to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all cheerleaders in the United States,” she said. “Cheerleaders are leaders in our schools, and when they are on fire for Jesus, it can change an entire campus.”

I hear you, Marilou. Maybe if the Morton Ranch High School squad had been touched by Jesus, they wouldn’t be getting sentenced to probation for tying up other members of their team and throwing them in a swimming pool. (Not to mention the defecation. Cant forget that.)

Or there’s always the girls in Bothell, Wash., who might not have had God in mind when they took naked pictures of themselves and sent them around.

Or the…OK, I guess I don’t have all day. Maybe cheerleaders really do need some divine intervention.

It’s unclear at this point whether Braswell expects all the guys out there looking at cheerleaders to also be motivated primarily by the Lord.