FBI Looks At Attack On Rockies Online Ticket Sale

FBI TAKES A SWING AT ROCKIES ONLINE TICKET FOUL PLAY: It turns out there may have been sinister work afoot in the Rockies online ticket crash, after all:

Rockies X-Files

The DENVER POST reports that the FBI is investigating claims by the Colorado team that their websites were “attacked” during the World Series sales.

On Monday morning, California-based company Paciolan began running the sale through their servers in Irvine, when an immense wave of ticket demand - 8.5 million hits in the 1st 90 minutes - caused the system to shut down.

MLB.com believes that high-speed computers were used to log in and constantly generate five-digit security codes on the site. The codes were originally installed on the sales site to make sure it was an actual person was making the purchase, not pre-programmed software.

Broken computer

Although the automatic buying attempts were blocked, the computers continued to request connections, which ultimately clogged the servers and knocked them out.The Rockies tried the online offering again on Tuesday, and were more successful in their sales, as 50,000 tickets were snapped up in 2 1/2 hours.

But for all those who went through such pain & effort to snag Game 5 seats, it might be all for nothing.