FavreWatch: Brett Tells Everyone He Won’t Report

Brett Favre is making me a touch schizophrenic in my inability to feel the same way about him day to day. Will he come to training camp? Or won’t he? Does he want to get traded? Or doesn’t he? Really, the waiting for each new press conference/announcement is the hardest part. Well, except for the listening.

Burgers Hot Dogs

And today’s exciting news comes straight from Peter King at SPORTS ILLUSTRATED who lets us know that he spoke — over triple soy mocha lattes!! — with Favre directly, and the gunslinger will not be reporting to Packers training camp when it opens in a few hours. The good news is that he’s actually doing this with the intention of making things less awkward for poor Aaron Rodgers.

Favre told SI.com here at his home west of Hattiesburg, Miss., Saturday night: “I had planned on reporting for the start of Packers training camp Sunday, but Ted Thompson asked if I would give him a couple of days to try to get the situation resolved. I agreed to do that. I don’t want to be a distraction to the Packers, and I hope in the next few days we can come to an agreement that would allow me to continue playing football.”

Favre also said: “I’ve also spoken with Commissioner Goodell a couple of times this week, in hopes that he could be some sort of arbitrator in this. I hope he can be.”

First of all, what the mess is Peter King doing at Favre’s house on a Saturday night?

Secondly, someone make a trade happen now so we can just move on to a 24/7 Sportscenter rotation of new teammate’s reactions to Favre being around. And his leadership, ability to change the team and what it means to play behind him and blah, blah, blah.


Finally, I realize that HMIC Rog is laying down the gauntlet on this thing, demanding that the Packers move Favre ASAP and I do know that it’s in the best interest of everyone involved for him to get out of Green Bay as fast as possible, but is that even within his powers? I’m not so sure it is, to be honest, and while I want it to end as much as everyone else being forced to watch/read/listen/write about this junk, I don’t really want a precedent for letting Goodell end training camp battles this way.

Basically what it boils down to is, if the The Onion will not hurry up and do a “Breaking News!! Brett Favre is still a tremendous A-hole!” headline/story, I’m just going to do it for them.

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