Favre’s Nephew Is Somewhat Good At HS Football

New York Jets quarterback and Peter King mancrush Brett Favre wasn’t the only member of the Favre family who had himself a nice weekend.  While Brett was busy helping the Jets dispose of the hapless St. Louis Rams in a 47-3 drubbing — it was 40-0 at halftime — his nephew Dylan Favre was back at home in Mississippi getting things done as well.

Dylan Favre

Dylan threw for five touchdowns in Bay St. Louis St. Stanislaus’ 42-27 win over Poplarville, and the fifth touchdown turned out to be a record breaker. Favre broke the legendary Clifton Davis‘ Mississippi state record of 42 touchdown passes in a single season with his 43rd (and he did it all in Wrangler jeans!), and now he’s got folks wondering if he’s going to follow in his famous uncle’s footsteps.


“He’s a pretty special athlete,” St. Stanislaus coach Forrest Williams said.

Several colleges already have taken notice.

Williams does not believe Favre has any scholarship offers yet, but he said major college programs such as Ole Miss, Notre Dame, Southern Miss (where Brett and his father, Jeff Favre, played) and UCLA are among the schools that have written letters of interest.

“Somebody is going to get a heck of a quarterback,” Williams said. “He definitely has touch. He’s very mobile in the pocket. We can move the pocket or he can sit in the pocket and make any of the throws he wants to. He has a great arm, a good release, a lot of touch and good vision.”

Of course, since he is a Favre, no matter how many schools offer Dylan a scholarship we already know he’ll drag out his decision process for weeks and that ESPN will have Rachel Nichols going through his gym locker to find any indication of a decision being made. Then he’ll shock the world by announcing that he’s retiring from football until some other school comes along and offers him a starting job, and he’ll decide to go there.

The only real question is if Brett will do his retirement dance for five more years and possibly play against his nephew some day.