Favre to Slam GM in Part 2 of Interview Tonight

The MILWAUKEE JOURNAL-SENTINEL is looking out for you, the people. They understand that there’s a little exhibition baseball game going on tonight that you may have some interest in watching, instead of watching part two of the Brett Favre interview on FOX NEWS tonight.

The mighty Brett Favre

The paper has obtained the full transcript of the interview, including the parts where he slams Ted Thompson, Packers’ GM for not listening to Brett’s suggested front office moves. Brett cites three instances where Thompson ignored him, 1) “I worked my butt off two years ago to try to get them to sign Randy Moss,” 2) Favre said he once tried to convince Thompson to re-sign Marco Rivera and Mike Wahle, two key linemen, but the two got away and signed elsewhere. 3) Favre told Van Susteren he tried to convince Thompson to interview Steve Mariucci, an old friend, for the head coaching job vacated by Mike Sherman. Favre said Thompson ended up hiring Mike McCarthy instead.

Favre says because Thompson didn’t listen to his suggested personnel decisions, he cannot trust him:

“And none of those had anything to do with me retiring once again but, you know, it’s hard for me to trust, you know, this guy when I — either I’m told one thing and everyone else is told another, or he’s telling the public one thing and telling me another. And so — and that’s part of the reason for the release,” Favre said of his request to be released by the Packers to pursue other opportunities. “Not only was I told that playing here was not an option, we’re moving on — it’s kind of in their company line, moving on. That’s OK.”

Part two of the interview airs tonight at 10pm EST right around the time when the All-Star Game becomes either unwatchable or riveting television. Thanks to the JOURNAL SENTINEL, you won’t need to flip over to FOX NEWS either way.