Favre Officially Unretires, Files For Reinstatement

Brett Favre is officially back - where he goes next is still up for debate.

Brett Favre smiles

ESPN’s Chris Mortensen reports that the ex-NFL QB is an ex no more, as Favre faxed his reinstatement papers over to league offices on Tuesday.

Now the ball is in the Packers court, er, turf. And the team really doesn’t seem to want Brett back in Green Bay. According to the QB, Packers GM Ted Thompson had told Favre to please steer clear of the Frozen Tundra of Lambeau Field:

Favre told Mortensen on Sunday that the GM had pleaded with the quarterback not to show up at camp on Sunday, so that the situation could be resolved.

“I asked Ted [Saturday], ‘Am I welcome in the building if I report?’ And Ted was just about shattered,” Favre said. “He said, ‘Brett, you can’t do that — you’ll get me fired.’ I told him I’m not trying to get anybody fired. So Ted asked me to let the guys report and let’s try to resolve this over the next two or three days.”

So, has Favre finally been punted by the Pack?

“It’s pretty clear — and this is what I told the commissioner — that they want me to go away, stay retired,” Favre said.

There’s already been plenty of analysis and discussion from various sports scribes & TV talking heads. But there’s a certain group that hasn’t been asked about their opinion on the whole situation, and we’d love to hear from them:

Lambeau Field Bikini Girls Packers Maxim

The Lambeau Bikini Girls.

So, gals, care to deliver us your thoughts? (And for your delivery, please show up in those delightful yellow tops.)