Favre Offered $25,000 Shopping Spree To Return

For a die-hard Packers fan, watching this Brett Favre fiasco is like watching your parents in the midst of a divorce. But Jon Gafner of Oshkosh, Wisconsin isn’t going to just sit around like the others, crying into their foam cheesehead hat.

Brett Favre arms up

Instead, the Oshkosh hunting supply store owner is going to go out and try to fix it the only way he knows how: By offering Favre a $25,000 shopping spree.


The sign on Jon Gafner’s store says it all: “Hey Brett, $25,000 shopping spree if you come back!”

“Basically we were one pass away from a Superbowl,” said Gafner, who owns Jon’s Sport Shop on Jackson Street in Oshkosh and has been a Green Bay Packers fan his whole life.

To be fair, the sign was put up about three weeks ago, before the latest unrelenting media frenzy made it known that the Packers might not let him come back at all.

But even so, $25,000 seems a little low to us. Besides that whole “love of the game” thing, Favre has about 11 million other reasons for coming back.