Favre Former Teammate: This is just the beginning

The GREEN BAY GAZETTE buries the lead in today’s edition, quoting a former teammate of Brett Favre, Leroy Butler, about the possibility that more unsavory stories about Favre are due to surface.

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Butler guested on sports WSSP-AM in Milwaukee yesterday, and said that, “he doesn’t believe Favre initiated the conversation with the Lions. Brett didn’t do a whole lot of calling around. People called him, and he loves to talk and the phone was passed around.

But Butler didn’t stop there.

More from GB Gazette:

Butler also said there are “other stories that are going to come out” about Favre.

“This is just the beginning,” Butler said. “This is only the smallest one.”

Butler did not elaborate.

I think it’s become very clear what I posted months ago, that the dirty little secret inside the NFL is that Favre was a really bad guy. That nobody liked him. That no team, except the deseperate Jets who got him for a song, wanted him.

Why else would these kinds of things start coming to light? If Favre was a cool dude, you have to believe people would be running interference for him, even when he does something stupid.

So why doesn’t the Wisconsin media report how Favre’s former teammates really feel about him?

Simple, they don’t want to lose access to the somehow-still-godly green & gold QB. Problem is, the only interesting info about Favre to ever come out doesn’t come from the Wisconsin media. He never gives them scoops.

So why don’t they print the truth?

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