Favre Flap V. 4.0: Wiley Fires Back At Tarkenton

If you’re choosing sides in this developing fracas between ESPN football analyst Marcellus Wiley and former Vikings quarterback great Fran Tarkenton, just ask yourself this question: Can I trust a man who routinely goes on the air pantsless? If the answer is yes, you’ll appreciate these quotes, presented to you fresh from the oven.

Marcellus Wiley on ESPN set

Tarkenton, of course, started the whole thing by ripping Brett Farve, who was (is?) considering coming out of “retirement” to play for the Vikings. Whatever happened to loyalty? asked Tarkenton. Wiley, a former Pro Bowl linebacker, called Tarkenton “a grumpy old man” for the comments. This caused Tarkenton to fire back at Wiley, and now Wiley is responding to Tarkenton … let’s play the feud!

Wiley appeared on 790 THE ZONE on Thursday to respond to Tarkenton’s latest broadside.

“Yeah his response, I heard how he dedicated a line or two to me as he called my football career minimal, that was cute, and then from there he just started rambling on about his businesses and how he’s doing well in the recession and all those kind of things. It was pretty interesting.”

But what about Tarkenton’s original point, that Favre is showing disrespect to the Packers; the team that showed him so much respect through his long career?

“As I took Fran’s comments, I had no problem with him having a public opinion about Brett Favre coming back or not. I have the same division between should he come back or not as well. I think most people have an opinion towards that. When you say ‘OK, come back and fail’, hold on now Fran. You’re part of the fraternity, the special fraternity of guys who played in the NFL, and one of the rules in the code of conduct is you don’t want another guy to fail. … I said that he sounds like a grumpy old man because who says that? I mean the next statement out of someone’s mouth like that is ‘hey, get off my lawn’ and ‘leave me alone’.”

It is not known if Wiley was wearing pants when he said this. Of course, Tarkenton’s credibility is also in question: Remember, he once was a co-host with John Davidson.