Favre Fined $10,000 By NFL; Will Retire (not really)

But the part about the $10,000 fine is true. And wouldn’t that be a great way to get out of it? Brett Favre fined ten grand by NFL for illegal crackback block on Houston’s Eugene Wilson on Monday, so he announces his retirement. Then comes back in Week 3, after Roger Goodell is convinced that he’s remorseful.

Brett Favre crackback block

If he can escape Jemele Hill and her Duracel Batteries of Doom, it’s a foolproof plan. Anyway, our protagonist is a little lighter in the wallet after Goodell watched “The Best Of Brett Favre — Wide Receiver Edition” and was not amused by what he saw.

NEWSDAY has the early details. Here’s our story from Monday. And we would have the video, but the NFL and its attorneys appear to have banished all traces of it from the Internets. It’s like, it never happened.

The NFL would prefer that you view the following video instead:

There was no illegal Favre block.

Brett Favre is not a dirty player.

You love Brett Favre.

“But I remember that block! He could have ended Wilson’s career with that cheap …”