Favre Finally Speaks On Return, Release Request

With all the drama surrounding his un-retirement & release demands & whatnot, isn’t it about time we heard from Brett Favre himself? Lucky for us, we’ll now get that chance.

The mighty Brett Favre

620 WTMJ reports that the (still) ex-Packers QB will be appearing tonight on Fox News’ “On the Record with Greta Van Susteren” (check local listings). In the upcoming interview, Favre says that he realized that he retired from the NFL too soon:

“I am guilty of retiring early and there is a reason for that,” Favre said, according to an excerpt provided to The Associated Press before the Monday night broadcast. “And the major issue is ‘Why did he retire?,’ and ‘He asked for a release because he doesn’t want to play in Green Bay.’ That’s not true. And I hope people are hearing this and saying ‘OK, that clears it up.”‘

And Brett further explains that his request for a release has less to do with not playing for the Packers, and more to do with playing anywhere:

“Them moving on does not bother me,” Favre said. “It doesn’t. I totally understand that. By me retiring March 3rd, I knew that could possibly happen. All I was saying is, you know, I’m thinking about playing again.”

So, how was Ms. Susteren able to snag Brett for his first public statements on the whole matter? Greta’s ownership in Packers stock may have helped.

Wow, that makes two Fox News-related posts in a row. Next up: Why Barack Obama is to blame for A-Rod’s divorce, and why John McCain will help the U.S. Olympic team reclaim basketball gold once again.

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