Favre Fan In Mourning Trashes Fav. Packers Shirt

The Brett Favre retirement tears continue to flow. There are many fans out there deserving Oscars for sniveling and whining. But Flickr user d_rew tugged at our heart. You see, he’s worn the same shirt to Green Bay Packer games all these years. Yeah, the beer and chili dog stench must be killer. But with Favre’s retirement comes the decision to trash his favorite shirt.

Brett Favre shirt not needed

The Packer Backer reports, “I’ve worn it during every game, even if I had to wear it under a uniform. 17 seasons and he’s retiring. I’ve never been a big fan of professional sports as it’s so money driven but he played the game like a kid in the backyard with his buddies.”

Brett Favre Is God

True, Favre played like a kid, throwing interceptions, thrusting fist pumps and collecting on an $11 million-plus yearly contract. It made him a cult hero in Green Bay and his retirement has led to some hard feelings, especially from d_rew.

“He will be sorely missed and I will never wear this shirt again. I couldn’t come up with a worthy idea for this shot so I just threw the shirt outside and this is where it landed, on frozen snow covered ground which is very appropriate.”

We, too, will miss the “Favre Is Gruven” shirt, but sometimes all of us must make difficult decisions. Favre fans will survive.