Favre Comes Up Small In Snow; Jets In Trouble

Bill Simmons said in his column this week that it might be a bit unreasonable to expect Brett Favre to be able to deal with repeated cold weather down the stretch. And that was quite apparent today, as Favre was outplayed by the legendary Seneca Wallace and the Seahawks beat the Jets 13-3.

Brett Favre

(”Ahhhh! What do I do?!?!”)

The game had added meaing for the ‘Hawks, as it was coach Mike Holmgren’s final home game with the team. The Jets, who could’ve kept the division lead with a win, are now on life support. They have to beat the Dolphins next week and hope that the Bills upset the Patriots.

Paul Myerberg’s NEW YORK TIMES live blog of the game pretty much summed up Favre’s performance in his biggest game as a Jet:

Turnover No. 4, and this game is over. Favre is picked by Josh Wilson, and the Seahawks are going to win. That’s two picks on the day for Favre. Of his 31 attempts, how many went into double coverage? The reason you brought him into town was to win these games; he couldn’t have come up any smaller today. Just a terrible string to end the season. The Jets, again, will need to beat Miami next week and have Buffalo upset the Patriots. Is there any reason to think the Jets can beat the Dolphins? Quick aside: How has Chad Pennington played this season? Where did he go again?

How appropriate that Favre and Pennington will clash at the Meadowlands next weekend. The Dolphins are probably the most surprising team of the year, considering they won just one game last year. Pennington should have plenty of motivation next week, as he has the opportunity to kill the season of the team that decided they’d rather have a 38-year-old dude running mostly on fumes.

And how, exactly, did Favre make the Pro Bowl again?