Favre, Childress To Meet At Undisclosed Location

Brett Favre is turning into a door-to-door salesman, or possibly a Jehovah’s Witness. You see him coming up your street, so you run inside and hide in hopes that he thinks you’re not home and leaves you alone. But after awhile, you assume it’s safe to come out of your haven and finish mowing the lawn or whatever you’re doing. And just when you open the door - *WHAM!* - there he is, waiting to annoy you for the next half-hour or so.

Brett Favre Vikings

And so just as everyone pokes their heads out of their doors to see how the 2009 NFL off-season is going, there’s Brett Favre, just waiting to sell us some Ginsu knives, or if we don’t want that, his quarterbacking services. ESPN’s Ed Werder is reporting that - much like last season - the Minnesota Vikings would still be interested in having Favre don the purple & white, and Vikes coach Brad Childress has scheduled a meeting with Favre at an “undisclosed location” later this week to discuss Favre’s status.

“Undisclosed location?” Did they ship Favre into hiding at whatever bunker Dick Cheney was using for the past eight years? And as I’m sure a lot of NFL fans feel like at this point, why can’t they just keep him there, hermetically sealed, until he gets to be 60 or so and finally realizes he can’t play in the league anymore? (Or alternately, he still tries to play at age 60. Either way, it’s a win/win.)

Of course, all this speculation doesn’t match up with what PRO FOOTBALL TALK says Favre recently told ESPN analyst Trent Dilfer. And by told, I mean texted, specifically the word “NO,” when Dilfer pinged him and asked if he was coming back. And I can’t imagine a scenario where Favre would go back on his word.

But while the thought of another season of Brett Favre might terrify the average person (and would it be enough to convince John Madden to come out of retirement?), the one person who apparently isn’t worried is Sage Rosenfels, who was brought in during the off-season to replace compete with Tarvaris Jackson for the Vikings’ starting QB job. Rosenfels tells SI.COM that he can’t get too worked up about the rumors, even if Favre coming in would probably ruin his last best chance to win a full-time starting job:

“Nothing really surprises me anymore,” said Rosenfels, who’s heading into his ninth season. “There are a lot of rumors in the NFL and I have learned to just go about my business. … It doesn’t change the way I work out or the way I prepare. I always say frustration is a self-inflicted wound. For me to get frustrated would just hurt me as a player and doesn’t benefit me whatsoever.”"

So the question becomes: Just how much does Favre hate the Green Bay Packers? Mad enough to come back with the Vikings just for the chance to pull a Marcus Allen vs. the Raiders and stick it to them twice a season? If history shows us anything, it’s that Favre is guided by emotion and not logic or reason, meaning who know how he’ll feel by the time he meets with Childress at NORAD.