Blog-O-Say-Can-You See: Superb Star Spanglings

• In honor of the Fourth of July, BALL DON’T LIE belts out their favorite pre-game performances of “The Star-Spangled Banner“.

• Meanwhile, EVERY DAY SHOULD BE SATURDAY presents their own perverse patriotism in their version of “This Is Our Country“.

• And ESPN’s HASHMARKS wishes Al Davis a crazy happy 79th birthday.

Michael David Smith of AOL FANHOUSE punches up word that boxer Humberto Solo blames his Saturday night loss on a racist referee.

• YOU BEEN BLINDED tosses up a classic clip of the Giants’ Will Clark happily overmodulating over winning the 1987 NL West title.

• JOSH Q. PUBLIC combs over video of Wade Boggs remembering the moment that convinced him to get treatment for his balding scalp.

• MONDESI’S HOUSE knows Mellon Arena is now a cathedral of both good & evil, as the Pittsburgh Penguins sign Miroslav Satan and Eric ‘God’-ard.

• WITH LEATHER gives an eloquent eulogy in honor of the gone but not forgotten Seattle Supersonics.