Faulk Beats on S-Jax for Not Signing New Contract

Perhaps Steven Jackson should have simply played along when people wondered about his student-mentor relationship with Marshall Faulk. He didn’t of course, saying that Faulk was no teacher, no guru, no mentor.


Now it looks like Faulk is getting his turn to take a shot back at S-Jax. The good news for Marshall is that he’s sitting in a cozy announcing booth and doesn’t have anything to prove (re: his ability to play football). That doesn’t really make him sound any less bitter about the whole thing though, when, as LARRY BROWN SPORTS dials up via SPORTING NEWS RADIO, he takes shots at the unsigned Rams running back:

“I am surprised he’s holding out. I don’t know where he’s getting his advice. He’s played four years and he’s played every game once and he’s been hurt three times. I know if I was in the front office, even if it wasn’t Steven, even if it was someone else on another team, it would be hard for me to justify giving them a lot of money, regardless if he was ‘the team’.”

Honestly, if you want to cut to the meat of things here, that’s just a polite way of saying ‘Steven Jackson is not as good as me.’ But because that wasn’t just obviously clear (I guess?), Marshall continued on, pointing out that it was, in fact, playing after the great Marshall Faulk that was causing Jackson to fail. Or something.

“It’s just unfortunate that sometimes — and it’s happened to a lot of great players — when they play behind a player that had length and longetivity, and did it well in a way that people respect, they sometimes don’t know how to deal with it. They don’t know where to take it. And that’s one of those situations [where] he’s trying to carve a niche for himself and he wants that to be so different from me that he’s doing a lot of things that I didn’t do, but those are the things I didn’t do because you don’t need to, not because I didn’t want to.”

Yeah, see, I totally agreed with him in the first paragraph, just because I think Jackson is a tad overrated. But then Marshall had to go and make it all about him. And that’s just not cool. Because really then, he and Jackson are one and the same. Two selfish dudes that can’t accept a team’s decisions.