Father Gave 13 Year Old Son Steroids To Compete In Roller Sports

BUT THE KID STILL HAS A BRIGHT FUTURE IN ROLLER DERBY: What father hasn’t dreamed of his son being a football, baseball, basketball and/or roller skating sports star? And goodness knows, in many cases Dad will do what he thinks he needs to do to make that precious dream a reality.

So we suppose this week’s ST. PETERSBURG TIMES report on a Florida man who pleaded guilty in federal court last week “to giving his 13-year-old son steroids while the boy trained to compete internationally on a roller-skating team isn’t all that hard to fathom.

James Gahan

James Edward Gahan, 41, who faces a 10-year sentence, would take his son “to storefront clinics called the Pasco Medical Center or Physicians Wellness Institute to receive anabolic steroid injections, which federal prosecutors say Gahan also received.

The kid took steroids for three years before the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency tested the boy and found the drugs in his system. He was training to qualify for something called the “USA Roller Sports’ junior national team“, to represent the United States at an international competition in China.

You know it’s a high-profile endeavor when we get the generic “sports” tag but no specific reference to what the kids are actually doing. Our best guess:

Roller Derby